10.000 days star awarded

9.000 days he is already a star awarded chef.
1.000 more days are the goal.
Herbert Hintner is a luminary of the creative kitchen and Appiano is his home. 
At the Wine Cultur Weeks he is the head of the kitchen for the Great Gourmet Event in St. Pauls | Appiano. 
The Guide Michelin has been awarding the family restaurant "Zur Rose" in St. Michael | Appiano with a star for 25 years. An anniversary that deserves to be honored - with the focus on the past, but with a view to the future.
In the new Eppan Magazin, you will embark on a journey to star cuisine. Herbert Hintner tells about the journey from the village inn to the starred kitchen and why he has remained true to his home Appiano in all these years. 
Here you can download the Eppan Magazin (German language only).
From page 48 the enjoyment begins!
Published on 09.04.2020
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