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Pinot Noir, Vernatsch, Pinot Blanc and Sauvignon. These known wines grow in the vineyards surrounding Eppan. They play the main role in a programme, which amazes visitors with tasting sessions in ancient wine cellars, pleasurable wine festivals, and many other top-class events.

With about 1,200 ha, Eppan is the biggest wine growing community in South Tyrol. The village provides the perfect prerequisites for combining wine and pleasure – picturesque vineyards, stylish wineries, and tempting guesthouses and restaurants. Pleasure is always the central focus in Eppan. Here, wine is not only a touristic offer, but an important part of everyday life. Don't miss out on the educational Nature and Wine Trail in Girlan | Eppan with 15 information boards about growing methods, vines, the thousands of years long wine tradition, and the work of winegrowers. So it's no surprise that in Eppan it is very easy to switch from the theoretical to the practical part. The next winery, the next guesthouse or the next wine bar are always only a stone's throw away and await you to taste a good glass of the world-renowned wines from South Tyrol and Eppan. Selected labels, also to complete a meal with regional specialties, light Mediterranean delights or genuine alpine dishes, will always be at your side.

An integral part of wine culture in Eppan are the events focusing on wine, where culture, pleasure and sociability form a dynamic chord. Thanks to weekly wine seminars, cellar tours and guided farm visits, wine lovers can fully enjoy the region.



Day of wine
Around 20 Eppan wine producers present their high quality wines at the Lanserhaus residence in St. Michael | Eppan and offer a number of tasting events.
St. Michael | Eppan | 25th April

Gschleier wine tasting
Wine tasting of a special kind: on a warm summer evening, the Girlan wine producers invite you to join them on the wine teaching trail, which runs through a number of vineyards.
Girlan | Eppan | 30th May

Montiggler Weis(s)e - white wine festival
With some great background music, the local wine-growing estates offer the best of the white wines that are on offer in Montiggl | Eppan. Montiggl restaurants will take care of your culinary needs.
Montiggl | Eppan | 17th July

Wine culture weeks
The wine village of St. Pauls | Eppan dedicates two long weeks for everything relating to wine, as well as Alpine-Mediterranean specialities. The winding lanes are home to unique events, giving insight into the local wine economy.
St. Pauls | Eppan | 23rd to 31st July

Great gourmet event (festival table)
Culinary highlights in the historic streets of St. Pauls | Eppan, choreographed by star chef Herbert Hintner and team.
St. Pauls | Eppan | 28th July

The last cartload of grapes
A festive train, celebrating the last tractor load of grapes being brought into the village, plus a tasting of Girlan quality products of all kinds. Beside the fresh wine, there are also roast chestnuts and doughnuts on offer. Afterwards, the local Törggele Fest with the Girlan music band in the historic Glögglhof.
Girlan | Eppan | 17th October

Published on 20.01.2015
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