Haevenly Montiggl Lakes

Whether you are looking for quietness, whether you are a lover of nature or a typical water rat… the Montiggl Lakes have something for everyone.

The two Montiggl Lakes are set in dense forest and have a magical attraction for locals and holidaymakers alike at all times of the year, thanks to the tried and tested combination of unspoilt nature and suitably adapted infrastructure.

The two Montiggl Lakes sparkle like two bright sapphires amidst the dark green forests. A bird’s-eye view provides just a glimpse of the unique leisure area surrounding the two lakes. While from May to September swimming and sunbathing are the order of the day, in autumn and winter nature takes a break, allowing walkers to enjoy peace and quiet. The larger Montiggl Lake offers among other things an open-air swimming pool, South Tyrol’s longest water chute, a high-diving board, a very large sunbathing area and no shortage of places to eat and drink; just a few minutes’ walk to the northeast, meanwhile, the smaller Montiggl Lake offers a more intimate, tranquil atmosphere. Both lakes are ideal for swimming or boating across, and can easily be circuited on foot or by bike.


As a sensitive ecosystem, the Montiggl area requires special protection to ensure that rare animal and plant species can survive and that the unspoilt natural landscape can also be enjoyed by future generations. The local authority in Eppan takes this responsibility seriously and has introduced a range of measures for this purpose, including mobility management, a network of footpaths and nature trails and a series of information panels. It is thus no surprise that the area has for the seventh consecutive time received the “5 Vele” (“5 Sails”) award from the Lega Ambiente and Touring Club Italia organisations – a mark of bathing water quality and of sustainable tourism in Italy. This tourist “Oscar” takes account not only of the excellent quality of the water in the two Montiggl Lakes but also of tourism factors such as the quality of accommodation, the historic village centres, the offering in terms of gastronomy, scenery and tourism throughout the municipal area and its artistic and historical attractions. It recognises the steps that have been taken to protect the environment and acts as a challenge to maintain this unique habitat.

Published on 12.05.2015
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