The origin of life

Drinking water of the best quality for the Eppan population comes from the "Furglau" water mine inside the Mendelkamm mountain. The best thing that could happen to this village, says Alois Tatz, who checks the source/spring of the Eppan water for more than 40 years.
The water is full of minerals, and is due to its run through several layers of stones, of a rare purity. Cooled down to 7 degrees Celsius, those in the know describe the water of the new ‘Furglau‘ drinking water mine as a pure source of life.
The conditions could not be better, says Alois Tatz, who is regularly checking the water quality. He is one of the pioneers in this sector. The scientific analysis supports his judgement. The 360 metres long mine was establish on his request about 5 years ago. It runs at an altitude of 950 metres above sea level. The water is free if limestone and comes from several side holes with a strength of about 45 litres per second into a type of cistern. ‘As the water has been filtered by red Mergel stone layers, it hardly contains any sulphates and it’s, therefore, nearly totally free of limestone‘, says Tatz. Around 8,000 people avail of the Eppan drinking water, including many enterprises, companies and wine-growing estates. Of course, it’s also available in many fountains all around Eppan.
Published on 07.01.2016
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