True spirits

If you are looking for a rare brand of schnaps, you need to visit one of these three Eppan distillery masters. Their art is second to none.
One nearly needs to be an alchemist in order to hold this kind of intensive aromatic nouances in one little bottle. And indeed, the production of fine spirits truly requestts a well-ballanced mix of sience, intuition and art. Beside the difficult processes in a copper distillery, the master of the distillery needs to know everything about storage technology, temperatures and timing. ‘The most important part is the ingredients – the fruit itself‘, explain three of our top masters. Most importantly: the more aromatic the fruit, the better the spirit. For this reason, Erwin Leimgruber, Alexander Ortler and Martin Mauracher select their ingredients according to the strictest regulations… and they particularly have an eye on local fruits.


At the Fischerhof in Girlan | Eppan, the Kingdom of Martin Mauracher, you will find fruity spirits such as ‘Alter Zwetschge‘, which has matured in an oak barrel for about three years… or a rarity called ‘Mirabelle‘. In addition, there is the Girlan distillery St. Urban, where Erwin Leimgruber presents dozens of grappas, liqueurs and fine spirits. He is much excited about his rare fruity spirits and even offers a beer spirit, his own creation. Leimgruber’s products have received numerous awards from quite strict jury members… and the same is true for those of Alexander Ortler. The latter is the youngest of the three masters and made his dream of a distillery true on 2011. Although his company was only established a few years ago, his strawberry spirit, the Marrillenbrand Barrique or the grape spirit have already been awarded the ‘Destillata‘ with gold medals. Still, one doesn’t need to be a jury member to understand that this intensive liquid nuances from Eppan are of high value in every way.
Published on 19.03.2015
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