Sun, wine and the Dolce Vita…

Come and enjoy the cosy Alpine warmth and laid-back Mediterranean ease of Eppan

If you’re looking for a holiday of pure fun and pleasure, Eppan on the South Tyrol Wine Trail is always well worth a visit. Here in the heart of the south of South Tyrol, with its blend of Mediterranean chic, Alpine down-to-earth solidity and seemingly endless sunshine, Eppan is a place where life can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Spend your holidays roaming the gently sloping vineyards and idyllic lakes, fairy-tale castles and ancestral seats and enjoy the adventures, the leisurely relaxation, and the healthy, tasty moments of pure indulgence.

Are you looking for a holiday dedicated to food, wine, absolute relaxation and the dolce vita?

Feel the inspiration…


The wonders of wine with Eppan winegrowers

Eppan has been making wine for over 2,000 years. And with a great deal of pride too. It’s not just our mild climate and the perfect soil conditions that make the Eppan wine so good; the love and care that our winemakers put into the vineyards have a large part to play in creating the intense aromas and strong notes so typical of our Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Vernatsch.

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The tastes of Eppan

It’s no secret that South Tyroleans are gourmands to the bottom of their souls and know how to enjoy a good meal. Why not treat yourself to an unforgettable culinary experience on your holidays too? Alpine tradition and Mediterranean elegance set each other off beautifully in the rustic Buschenschank wine taverns, the traditional inns and the classy starred restaurants. Manor house, terrace or lake... the choice is yours.

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Tasty tales

Eppan chefs, hosts and cellar masters give you a peek over their shoulders in the kitchen, at the wine shops and in the cellars. Read the latest gourmet news and interviews about food and wine in Eppan: A glass of wine with Eppan wine experts, food and wine events and much more.

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Wine and Culture x 10

For a full two weeks, the wine-growing village of St. Pauls in Eppan will be eating, sleeping and breathing wine and Alpine-Mediterranean specialities: Held in the picturesque streets, the 10 unique events of “Wine Culture Weeks” will give you a fascinating glimpse into the local winemaking tradition. Come and enjoy the wine tasting sessions, wine lectures and wine-themed gourmet evenings from July 21st to July 31st.

Program & Info Wine Culture Weeks

The tastes of a vegetarian spring

Vegetables meet wine. Fresh, crunchy and packed with vitamins – your hosts in Eppan will be indulging you with tasty Mediterranean-Alpine spring menus from April 14th to 24th. The stars of the show are vegetables from South Tyrol in countless classy variations, with asparagus, potatoes, turnips and much more as well as noble wines.You can enjoy all these vegetarian delicacies at selected Eppan restaurants and inns.