Appiano on the Wine Route

An area to fall in love with

St. Michael | Eppan

A walk through the arcades is a must with a stop at one of the many cafes to relax. Whilst walking around you will remains of times gone by, manor houses, castles and much more. Exhibitions are arranged on a regular basis on the ground floor of Lanserhaus.

St. Pauls | Eppan

St. Pauls | Eppan: the historical centre is well known by many people, most probably due to the Parish Church Pauli Bekehrung, also know as the Cathedral in the Country.

Girlan | Eppan on the wine road

The ideal place to start your walks and hikes as the sun shines longer here. The Cellar Festival that takes place every 4 years is one of the highlights, and the next one is in 2005.

Frangart | Eppan

The village is situated in a quiet spot close to Bozen and is an ideal starting point to discover the delights of South Tyrol.

Montiggl | Eppan

Who hasn’t heard of the Montiggler Lakes? Surrounded by woods, it is the ideal place to relax. Whether you want to swim in the swimming pool or find a quiet place round one of the lakes, you will find what you are looking for.

Missian | Eppan

Missian looks down on the lower villages. (panorama picture) The three well-known castles of the village, Hocheppan, Boymont and Schloss Korb, give the village a feeling of importance and are part of the Castle Walk.

Unterrain | Eppan

Unterrain is an idyllic village surrounded by vineyards and orchards. The small church of St Nikolaus is the jewel of the village.

Perdonig & Gaid

The ideal place to relax. Walks and bike tours take you past Burg Festenstein, which is surrounded by fascinating nature.


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