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Berg | Eppan

Viticulture-terrace with historical rooting

At Berg | Eppan, the newest of the 10 villages of Eppan, the castles rise proudly between the vineyards. Berg is known also as the center of nobility in this area with its highest concentration of manors and castles.

Especially castle Moos-Schulthaus, which houses also a museum, shows us important informations about everyday culture of the past centuries. Even nowadays the spirit of times long gone is experienceable in the sprawling mountain slopes and narrow alleys of Berg | Eppan.
The widely visible high medieval Castle Freudenstein connects historical-cultural flair with innovative sports experience. At Freudenstein is also located a Golf-Trainingscenter with training possibilities for beginners and professionals.
The mountainsides of Berg | Eppan are predestined to produce outstanding wines. The calcareous ground with glacial drifts from the area of the Reschen is easily heatable. The downdraft of the Mount Mendel ensures a good aeration of the grapes, which is therefore less prone to diseases. These are the optimal requirements for a profitable harvest. Especially the Pinot Blanc, one of the hallmarks of the wine landscape at Eppan, flourishes magnificently in this area.

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