Ice Holes of Eppan

Winter in the middle of summer? On this tour we explore the mysterious ice holes of Eppan.
Starting point:
Main square, St. Michael

ca. 2,5 hours

Highest point:
ca. 550 Meter

Altitude difference:
ca. 100 Meter

Best annual time:
May - October


Restaurant Steinegger

The ice holes in Pigeno | Eppan are a unique natural phenomenon. They are located at the foot of the Gand mountain on a 200-meter-long strip of land in a dell of 10 to 15 meters. This climate event based on the physical principle of wind tube: Air passes through the splits in the porphyrite rocks and is cooled down on the way.This fresh breeze can be felt up to a height of 5 m. Due to this enormous difference in temperature, there are over 600 different plants growing in this area. A natural wonder!

100 m south of the main square of St. Michael the hike starts at the St. Anna church, then turns right and follow the road with the signpost "To the ice holes”. Through Pigeno, past Gandegg Castle, Hotel Stroblhof can be reached. Follow the signposts and walk about 20 minutes south. The path leads to the Locanda Steinegger Inn, near the Gleif church and back to St. Michael.

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