Cellar festival at Girlan

According to the tradition every four years, the cellar festival at Girlan takes place from the 05 to 08 August 2022. The cellar and inner courtyards are open to the public in order to celebrate the traditional festival at Girlan | Eppan.
The old historical traditions implies that the wine village Girlan | Eppan below the surface is larger than above. The first weekend in September all the private cellars and courtyards at Girlan are open for locals as well as for foreign visitors. This unique event gives the opportunity to discover antique yards and deep cellars. Moreover this special event combines customs, cuisines and wine.
Date: 05. - 07. August 2022

Location: Girlan | Eppan

Contact: Tourism Office Eppan | +39 0471 662206 | info@eppan.com

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