The last cartload of grapes

Autumnal wine experience

At Eppan, the biggest wine village in South Tyrol, the locals don't just drink the wine. They enjoy it, indeed they celebrate the grape's juice, like with "The last cardload of grapes" on Saturday, October 8th 2022. Culture, pleasure and joyful get-together will be united into a harmonious triad at Girlan | Eppan.

Exquisite wine pleasure at Girlan | Eppan: Experience the festive entry of the last tractor load of grapes being brought into the village, and enjoy afterwards Girlan's high quality products of all kinds. Besides the fresh wine, there are also seasonal specialities.

The event will take place also with bad weather.

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At Girlan | Eppan the locals have a special ritual to celebrate the successfull conclusion of the harvest: Like in the olden days the last cardload of grapes is brought to the center of Girlan | Eppan. The carriage is decorated with a harvest-wreath where You can read every year another adage about wine.

Arrived at the church square of Girlan | Eppan, the grapes are pressed in a historical wine press. The fresh grape must is then offered to the numerours attenders. All this happens under the severe and vigilant eyes of the "Saltner", the historic guard of the wineyards, whose task was to expel and scare off birds and thiefs in the wineyard.

Besides the degustation of the grape must also the wine of Eppan has its appearance: the wine producers of Eppan offer their high quality products to degustation. In keeping with the season there will be also handed fragrant roasted chestnuts and grape must, named "Sußer". The visitors can try regional specialities like “Gerstsuppe” (barley broth), “Hauswurst mit Kraut” (smoked sausage with pickled cabbage), "Vinschgerlen" (South Tyrolean bread) with bacon, “roasted chestnuts and self-made "Krapfen" (South Tyrolean Sweet, Doughnut).


Date: Saturday, October 08th 2022

Girlan | Eppan

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