These are the flavours of South Tyrol

Anyone, who fails to get to know our country in terms of its cuisine, has missed out on the most important aspect.

It is no secret that we South Tyroleans are true gourmets. And because we know exactly what good flavour means, we have a range of products on offer, for which our country is famous far beyond its borders. Ham, apples, cheese, wine, Alpine spiced rye flat bread, known as Schüttelbrot and much, much more. Would you like to try some?

South Tyrolean Apple

Taste one of our 16 different South Tyrolean kind of apples! For example the sweet Royal Gala, the fruity Pink Lady or a sweet and sour Rubens.
Do you still believe that every apple is the same?


South Tyrolean Grappa

The South Tyrolean Grappa is distilled from moist, winey peelings from high-quality, mature grapes and gets its taste exclusively from the flavour of the marc and sugar content of the grape.


South Tyrolean Speck

Aromatic, lusty, intensive in its tase and little salted – only if the best, lean pig flanks from the region get cold cured, emerges the real South Tyrolean Speck and distingiughes itself espiacially with its mildness and its balance.



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