South Tyrolean Apple

Every apple is the same? Not for us!

Taste one of our 16 different South Tyrolean kind of apples! For example the sweet Royal Gala, the fruity Pink Lady or a sweet and sour Rubens.
Do you still believe that every apple is the same?

The South Tyrolean Apple gets its energy from the 300 sunny days a year, benefits from a integrated cultivation, mild harvest, ultra-modern further processing constructions and the consciousness of quality of the farmers.
The crisp freshness and the hight level of fructose distingiush the South Tyrolean Apple from other apples. This is proved as well due to the high export numbers.
12 types of the South Tyrolean Apple can be find around Eppan. Alternating with vineyards you can see the plantations of 700 member of Fruchthof Überetsch ot the Obstgenossenschaft Sacra on the hillsides.



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