Relaxing and rejuvenating spots

Places of meditation, peace, and happiness – pure medicine for body and soul

Take Your time to perceive your personal place with all of your senses. Be aware of the things that you see, hear, feel, taste and smell. Sense the earth beneath your feet and look up to the sky. Detect your feelings, memories, pictures and symbols.
Discover the energetic locations in Eppan: The “Wilder Mann Bühel” look out point and the “Hirschplätze” at Montiggl, the idyllic Gleif church and many more.

Wilder Mann Bühel“ in the Montiggl Forest

Starting point: Girlan | Eppan

parking: Parking lot St. Martin (opposite from Despar supermarket)

Our hiking tip: Starting from the village square you go in the direction of the “Jesuheim”, there You follow the signs that bring You to Schreckbichl. When the asphalt ends, You go straight down the forest road (do not turn left!), where the steep track to the “Wilder Mann Bühel” branches off after 1 kilometre. (Time: approx. 3-4 hours).

Gleif church

Starting point: Tetter parking lot in St. Michael | Eppan (P1)

Difficulty: easy to middle difficulty

Description: Starting from Eppan You can reach the Gleif church, following a zigzag through a shady forest until You reach the high situated chapel. Up on the beautiful viewpoint You see the whole Überetsch and the Dolomites. (Time: approx. 2-2,5 hours).

„Hirschplätze“ in the Montiggl Forest

Starting point: parking lot Rungg

Difficulty: easy to middle difficulty

Our hinking tip: From the football fields at Rungg You can turn right to enter the Montiggl Forest and follow the signs to the Little Montiggl Lake. Then keep following that path and You reach in 20 minutes a private forestry hut and Your destination (Time: approx. 3 hours)

Frühlingstal (Spring Valley)

Starting point: Parking lot above the Montiggl Lakes (chargeable)


Our hiking tip: Follow the street to the village Montiggl, where the path to the Spring Valley branches off just outside the village itself. (Time. approx.. 3,5 hours).

The Rockface above the Large Montiggl Lake

Starting point: Parking lot above the Montiggl Lakes (chargeable)

Difficulty: easy

Our hiking tip
: Starting from the Parking lot You walk on the street to the village Montiggl. At the crossing turn right and branch off into the path before the rise. Following the path, You reach the forest road on the southern lakeside. (Time: approx.. 2 hours)

Church of St. Justina in St. Pauls | Eppan

Starting point: Village square St. Michael | Eppan

Parking: Tetter parking lot St. Michael | Eppan (P1)

Our hiking tip:
Follow the mark number 8 from St. Michael | Eppan to Berg | Eppan and to the Church of St. Justina (Mark number 8A). For the way back go further until You reach St. Pauls | Eppan. From there you reach St. Michael in a comfortable walk. (Time: approx.. 1,5 hours)

Place of power below Kreuzstein

Starting point: Kreuzstein

: easy

Our hiking tip:
Outside the Kreuzstein Inn You follow the path a few minutes down to this special place of energy. (Time: approx. 15 minutes)

Lookout point below the Gasthof Buchwald Hotel

Starting point: church of Perdonig

parking: directly at the church of Perdonig | Eppan

Our hiking tip: You can reach the Gasthof Buchwald starting from Perdonig following the mark 8/10 to the former Gasthof Pichler on a steeper rise. You can go back on the “Eppaner Höhenweg” (number 9) to Perdonig (number 12) (Time approx.. 3,5 hours)

Ice holes

Starting point: village square St. Michael | Eppan

Difficulty: easy

Description: 100 metres south from the town square in St. Michael | Eppan You turn right at the church of St. Anna and follow the street until You reach the Hotel Stroblhof. Follow the mark number 15 and go for 20 minutes in the southern direction, until You can feel the refreshing coolness of the ice holes. (Time: approx.. 2,5 hours)

Höhenweg (High path) of Eppan

Starting point: village square St. Michael | Eppan

middle (partly strong inclination!)

Description: Starting from the town square you follow the road to the Gleif chapel, there you follow on the left the mark 540 to the “Furglauer Schlucht”. After approx. 20 minutes the Eppaner Höhenweg branches off on the right side. Starting from the Gasthof Buchwald Hotel the path number 536 guides steeply downhill to Berg | Eppan and further to the town square of St. Michael | Eppan. (Time approx. 6 hours)