Rungg | Eppan football centre

For the 2018 World Cup, national coach Joachim Löw and his team have chosen to train in no lesser a location than the football centre in Rungg | Eppan.
A veritable “home match”.
A peaceful location in the Montiggler Forest nature reserve. Two lakes for outdoor swimming. Countless trails for walking and cycling. A huge choice of running tracks. And last but not least: the mild Mediterranean climate. All these reasons speak in favour of the upcoming training camp location chosen by the Germany national football team.
Back in 2010, “The Team” also completed a training camp in the Rungg | Eppan football centre. But in 2018, various alterations await them – making the preconditions even better for real World Cup training! Following renovation work, the new football centre now features two natural turf pitches and three artificial turf pitches, modern gym and rehabilitation rooms, new changing rooms, and a media centre which leaves nothing to be desired.
But the DFB team is not the only one here to get the ball rolling; FC Südtirol, the only professional football team in the province, also names Rungg | Eppan as its official training venue, as do four local football teams in the area: AFC Eppan, AFC Frangart, AFC Girlan and AFC St. Pauls.


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