Day of the wine
20 Apr

Day of wine

Winery St. Michael | Eppan

The Eppan Wine Club, together with Eppan Wein and the Eppan Tourist Association, invites you to the St. Michael | Eppan winery and to taste around 150 wines from Eppan winegrowers
18 May

Crime dinner

Paulser Hof | Eppan

"Death in the Villa", the new murder mystery dinner from the Laives Filodrammatica, turns our guests into detectives for an evening and keeps them glued to their chairs.
19 May

Doris Warasin: "Halbzeit"

Tannerhof Girlan | Eppan

Doris Warasin goes through life with open ears and eyes and captures stories and feelings, often her own, but mostly those of the people around her.
from 19 May

Clowns SOS Smile - A flower for you

Rapunzel | Eppan

The "Clowns SOS Smile" event promises to be a heart-warming gathering where clowns do their best to spread joy and smiles.
21 May

Stress yourself properly

Konzertsaal Lanserhaus

In a world that is often characterized by stress, pressure and hectic pace, we long for more ease and serenity. This talk invites you to discover a new perspective and free yourself from negative stress by activating the transformative power of resilience.
24 May

Visual Comedy with Nicola Virdis

Tannerhof Girlan | Eppan

The Nerd Nicola Virdis brings to the stage a whirlwind of gags and comic situations that involve and entertain the audience.
28 May

Ingrid Lechner: "Geaht‘s no?!"

Tannerhof Girlan | Eppan

Ingrid Lechner navigates us through the turbulence of the climacteric with her new solo program. On the hunt for answers, she leads us towards liberated chaos and absolute certainty: change is coming - for everyone!
30 May

Mimi & Herbert - machen Ferien

Tannerhof Girlan | Eppan

The blue sea, the proud mountains. The vacations are finally here. And now Herbert and Mimi are on a journey of discovery in a foreign country. But there are a few surprises waiting for them, and nothing is as it should be on vacation.