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Wine and cultural delights in Eppan


At the WineCultureWeeks in St. Pauls | Eppan, wine becomes learnable in its most beautiful form.

In the idyllic alleys of the wine village, everything revolves around the noble drop and the series of events delights wine connoisseurs, culture lovers and pampered palates.

St. Pauls | Eppan

18. - 28.07.2024

During the WineCultureWeeks in St. Pauls | Eppan from 18th to 28th July 2024, wine can be experienced in its most beautiful form. For nine days, everything revolves around the noble drop in the idyllic alleys of the wine village. For more than 25 years, the event series has delighted wine connoisseurs, culture lovers and pampered palates.

Wine, culture and pleasure - St. Pauls | Eppan offers the perfect conditions for this with its vast vineyards, stylish wineries, tempting inns and restaurants, picturesque alleys and many cultural treasures. Every year in summer, the wine village spoils its guests and the locals with exquisite wines and regional specialities during the WineCultureWeeks.

Discover the programme

of the WineCultureWeeks


South Tyrolean Wine Promenade

Opening of the WineCultureWeeks with the St. Pauls Music Band

To open this year's WineCultureWeeks, the South Tyrolean Wine Promenade will once again take place. Numerous Eppan wine producers, master distillers and the South Tyrolean Sparkling Wine Association welcome you to the atmospheric tasting of over 70 exquisite wines and distillates in the idyllic wine village. Enjoy regional cuisine, cheese specialities from Mila Bergmilch South Tyrol, specialities from the Ebner and Lax von Berg until 11 pm.

Admission to the wine promenade is €25.00 + €5.00 deposit.


📅 Thursday, 18th July 2024 | 8 pm

📍 Centre of St. Pauls | Eppan


Italian Wine Culture Evening

in Italian language


📅 Friday, 19th July 2024 | 9 pm

📍  Widumhof, St. Pauls | Eppan


Farmers' Evening

Dumplings: from round to colourful

At the enchanting Ansitz Altenburg, the Paulsner farmers' wives welcome you to an incomparable journey through traditional and modernly interpreted dumpling creations. Immerse yourself in a world of variety, where hand-rolled dumplings in all imaginable shapes and colours will enchant your senses. Enjoy these culinary works of art in a unique ambience while sipping an exquisite glass of wine or a South Tyrolean quality sparkling wine to go with them. The "Junge Bolgstoaner" will provide musical accompaniment throughout the evening.


📅 Saturday, 20nd July 2024 | 6 pm

📍  residence Altenburg, St. Pauls | Eppan


Great Gourmet Event

Culinary highlights in the historic streets of St. Pauls | Eppan, choreographed by star chef Herbert Hintner and team.

The Great Gourmet Event is the oeno-gastronomic highlight of the WineCultureWeeks. Immerse yourself in a world of exquisite flavours and perfectly matched wines. Enjoy the delicacies of our talented chefs while experiencing the wonderful atmosphere at the church square of St. Pauls | Eppan.

Look forward to an unforgettable culinary experience presented by five renowned star chefs. Herbert Hintner from the "Zur Rose" restaurant, Reimund Brunner from the "Anna Stuben", Egon Heiss from the "Castel Fragsburg", Zippl Stephan from the "Parkhotel Holzner" and Alessandro Bellingeri from the "Acquarol" will spoil you as part of the Great Gourmet Event.

Secure your place on this special evening and let our star chefs enchant you. We look forward to welcoming you at the Great Gourmet Event!


📅 Tuesday, 23th July 2024 | 7.30 pm

📍  In the idyllic alleys of St. Pauls | Eppan

Great Gourmet Event


Cultural evening at the St. Paul's vinery


📅 Thursday, 25th July 2024 | 8 pm

📍  Vinery St. Pauls | Eppan


Pauls Rosè with GassenGenuss


📅 Friday, 26th July 2024 | from 8 pm

📍  In the idyllic alleys of St. Pauls | Eppan


The Pearl at the End

Look forward to a brunch that will enchant all your senses, with a selection of delicious treats created from the finest regional ingredients. From freshly squeezed juices to homemade jams, from crisp vegetables to exquisite wines - every bite is a tribute to the diversity and quality of South Tyrolean cuisine.


📅 Sunday, 28. July 2024 | from 10 am

📍 Leitnhof, St. Pauls | Eppan

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