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How can we help you?

Performance of the new solo program

Doris Warasin: "Halbzeit"

"A look forward, a look back... is there real happiness in the middle?" - sounds much better than the dreadful word "midlife crisis". Because that seems to be what Doris Warasin's new solo program is all about: Thoughts about a wild youth, the groaning everyday life as a mother/workaholic, losses and gains, careers, children's wisdom and cautious approaches to the inevitable that we all face at some point. Doris Warasin goes through life with open ears and eyes and captures stories and feelings, often her own, but mostly those of the people around her. At home, she sits down at the piano, on the balcony or drives to Lorenzo Scrinzi. And then the stories become songs.

Performance in German language


Sun., 19.05.2024

20:00 o'clock