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How can we help you?
How can we help you?

Experience Eppan

The top 10 attractions in Eppan

The most beautiful places in Eppan

Experience, explore and discover. Eppan is not only known for its unique wine landscape, but also offers a lot of adventure for young and old explorers. Wonderful hiking destinations, insights into the past and natural phenomena await you in your holiday paradise. Enjoyable, but also exciting days are guaranteed.


Hocheppan Castle

An experience for the whole family

Hocheppan Castle sits proudly on a rugged rock above Eppan. Once built as a fortress in the 12th century for Count Ulrich II, today it is a popular destination for excursions. The well-preserved castle is famous for its unique pentagonal tower and the well-preserved frescoes inside the castle chapel. Both can be visited on a guided tour. The castle tavern invites you to stop and enjoy typical South Tyrolean dishes in the medieval castle courtyard.

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The cathedral in the countryside

One of the most important sacred buildings in South Tyrol

The 86-metre-high church tower with its onion dome can be seen from afar. In past times, St. Pauls was the main town of the municipality of Eppan and countless nobles settled here. As a result, the parish grew to become one of the richest in all of South Tyrol, and to do justice to its size, it built the enormous church. Inside there are 9 bells, including the second largest bell in South Tyrol, cast in the Grassmayr bell foundry in Innsbruck. They call to mass in a dark, beautiful tone.

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Enjoy nature

Montiggl Lakes & the "Seeschlössl"

Two idyllic lakes nestled in the beautiful Montiggl forest

Not far from the centre of St. Michael | Eppan lies the 100-hectare protected landscape area of the Montiggl forest. A fantastic recreation area for hikers, horseback riders and swimmers.

Nearby is the "Seeschlössl", an enchanting structure that rises from the reeds like a fairytale castle.

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Calvary church

The impressive little church above

St. Michael | Eppan

The beautiful little church on the hill behind St. Michael | Eppan is the popular Calvary church. It was built from the middle of the 18th century and is the conclusion of the Passion of Christ. The decoration of the individual stations of Calvary, a place of devotion and pilgrimage to the Passion of Christ, took a great deal of time. It was not until the 19th century that the last figures were completed. The Calvary church is particularly impressive with its two domed towers, unique decorations and groined vaults, which are typical of the Renaissance period. A leisurely hike through the Passion Trail to this unique little church is almost a must. Once you have reached your destination, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the whole of Eppan.

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Ice holes

Refreshment on hot summer days

The ice holes are a very popular destination in summer. While everywhere there is a pouring heat, it is quite fresh in the 200-metre-long and 50-metre-wide hollow at the foot of the Gand mountain. This well-known natural phenomenon of ice holes is located between the two municipalities of Eppan and Kaltern. The massif above the settlement of Gand in the area of the ice holes consists of porphyry debris.

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Hocheppan Castle Chapel

A journey into the Middle Ages

The castle chapel in the south of the Hocheppan castle, the so-called "Sistine Chapel of the Alps", is a special witness to days that are long gone. Although it was consecrated in the Middle Ages, around 1131, both its architecture and the paintings are almost complete and very well preserved. The Romanesque frescoes from the 13th century show typical motifs from the time when the castle was built, such as a hunting scene or the famous "dumpling eater". Furthermore, there are frescoes with scenes from the life of Jesus and the apostles, which are among the best preserved in Tyrol.

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Spring Valley

A fairytale land

A sea of snowdrops and crocuses. A walk through the Spring Valley, which lies between the Montiggl lakes and Lake Kaltern, feels like something out of a fairy tale. The stony and rooty forest covered in moss is almost unrecognisable in spring. In the month of March, the whole forest is covered in a white to purple sea of flowers. An experience for the whole family.

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Boymont Castle

A castle out of a picture book

Boymont Castle was built by the Counts of Eppan in the 13th century as a residential castle. Today the ruins have been renovated and restored. The highlight is the keep, which can be climbed. From there you have a fantastic view over the Überetsch, as far as Bozen and up into the Etsch valley. If you like, you can stop at the castle tavern and enjoy traditional dishes with a good drop of wine.


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Eppan’s high trail

A view you can only dream of

Below the Mendel crest you will find the adventurous high trail of Eppan. A tour that leads through the Eppan forests and offers a wonderful view over Bozen and the South Tyrolean lowlands all the way to the Dolomites. The best starting point for the tour is Restaurant Steinegger, where parking spaces are also available. A varied hike for nature lovers. From spring to late autumn, this day hike is highly recommended.

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The Castle Triangle

The perfect day of pleasure hiking

South Tyrol is home to countless castles, most of which are located in Eppan.

The castle hike combines three famous buildings. The starting point of the 3-hour hike is Missian | Eppan. From there the path leads to the first sight, the Schloss Hotel Korb. From there you will go further to Boymont castle and lastly to Hocheppan castle.


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A place to fall in love with

Whether on a bike tour through the idyllic vineyards or during a dinner in the culinary walls of Eppan. Enjoy your holiday according to your dream ideas.

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Pleasure in Eppan

Pleasure in Eppan

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