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Castles & Culture

Schloss Hotel Korb

Missian | Eppan

Not far below the Boymont castle ruins is Schloss Hotel Korb. Probably the most striking feature of this castle is the wide, 4-cornered residential and defence tower dating from the 13th century. Originally, the tower was only lined with ornamental battlements, but today these are additionally covered by a pyramid roof.

Schloss Hotel Korb must have been built around the same time as the Boymont castle ruins; in any case, the epithet "de Corva", i.e. of Korb, is mentioned for the first time around 1236. The Lords of Korb were ministerials of the Counts of Eppan and that is probably why they settled so close to Hocheppan Castle. From the 14th century onwards, ownership of the castle passed from one noble family to the next, and in later times higher-ranking families without noble titles also acquired the castle. One of the better-known former residents of the castle is Friedrich Teßmann, who donated a library to South Tyrol.

It was not until the long-time mayor of Eppan, Mr Friedrich Dellago, acquired the castle that it became a castle hotel. His successor Fritz Dellago acquired the bunker next to the castle to use it for storing the noble wines of his winery. The bunker was built under the rule of Benito Mussolini as part of the Alpine Wall and has a total length of 33 metres. Towards the top it is connected to a gallery, which is also used for wine storage.



Schloss Hotel Korb

Hocheppanerweg 5, 39057 Missian | Eppan

T +39 0471 636000






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