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How can we help you?
How can we help you?

Municipality of Eppan

The 11 fractions of Eppan

As far as the eye can see

Eppan is an area that you can quickly fall in love with. The 11 fractions of the municipality of Eppan offer a scenic, as well as traditional and gastronomic variety and together provide a perfect overall package. The fractions of St. Michael, St. Pauls, Girlan, Frangart, Montiggl, Missian, Unterrain, Perdonig, Gaid, Berg and Gand belong to the municipality of Eppan. From the deep wine cellars to the top of the church tower and up into the world of castles, explore every hidden corner that your Eppan holiday has to offer.


450 km of forest trails

Castle diversity

Fascinating triad

St. Michael | Eppan

Results in a harmonious trio of territory, people and history

The Überetsch architectural style characterises the face of the main village of the municipality of Eppan. Numerous impressive residences and cultural monuments adorn the holiday village, whose most famous excursion destinations include the Calvary church, the St. Michael-Eppan winery and the Maria Rast church.

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Dream Village

St. Pauls | Eppan

The village with the cathedral

A visit to the "cathedral in the countryside" is an essential part of a holiday in Eppan. This is what the people of St. Pauls call their parish church of St. Paul's Conversion. In the centre of the village between Missian | Eppan and St. Michael | Eppan, the 86 m high, imposing building watches over the winding alleys, the winery and sparkling wine cellar, rustic...

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Wine village by conviction

Girlan | Eppan

Sun, wine and cellar worlds

The last bunch of grapes, cellar tours, the "Girlaner Kellerfest" - in one of the oldest and most traditional wine villages in South Tyrol, everything revolves around wine. And connoisseurs know: the village centre of Girlan is larger underground than on the surface due to its widely ramified cellar worlds.


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For discoverers

Frangart | Eppan

...below the imposing Sigmundskron Castle invites you to experience Eppan and the whole of South Tyrol without limits.

At the foot of Sigmundskron Castle, below Girlan, Frangart enjoys particularly good accessibility. Thanks to its proximity to Bolzano, the Etschtal cycle path, the Montiggl lakes and the Messner Mountain Museum Firmian at the top of Sigmundskron Castle, guests in Frangart will find something of everything.

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Lakes, forest and hamlets

Montiggl | Eppan

The spring valley, the forest and the Montiggl lakes

The Montiggl nature reserve is a wonderful place to relax and recharge your energy reserves all year round. There is everything from gentle exercise to sporting challenges. In spring, hikers in particular are drawn to the nature reserve on the South Tyrolean Wine Road.

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The village among the 3 castles


Missian | Eppan

Particularly impressive historical evidence can be found in the extensive hilly landscape of Missian | Eppan.

If you drive from Unterrain to St. Pauls, you will see the first houses of Missian on the way to the right. Especially those seeking peace and quiet are in good hands here - guarded by the Schloss Hotel Korb, the Eppan landmark Hocheppan Castle, the chalk tower and the Boymont Castle ruins. The small village lies somewhat elevated and is surrounded by mixed forests and vineyards.

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Holiday and balance

Unterrain | Eppan

Discovering the Eppan way of life and nature in Unterrain | Eppan actively and with pleasure

Surrounded by apple orchards and vineyards, Unterrain, the Eppan fraction below the Gantkofel, is bustling with activity, especially between early spring and the end of the harvest season. The apple blossom in April makes the whole area look like it is covered in snow.

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Holidays on the high trail of Eppan


Perdonig & Gaid | Eppan

Enjoy the varied landscape in Perdonig | Eppan and Gaid | Eppan while hiking, sunbathing and exploring

From St. Michael | Eppan, a well-maintained mountain road leads past stately residences and old wineries up to the two fractions of Perdonig and Gaid. Surrounded by mixed forest and extensive meadows, hikers enjoy a wide view over Eppan and the Etschtal valley to the opposite peaks of the Dolomites.

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on the traces of the history of the nobility

Berg | Eppan

Historic vineyard terrace of Eppan

The numerous residences in the district of Berg | Eppan rise up proudly and even today the spirit and charm of bygone times can be felt in its sweeping hillsides and narrow streets. Also known as a centre of nobility, Berg probably has the greatest density of stately homes and castles that tell of days gone by.

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At the foot of the Mendel

Gand | Eppan

A fraction built on scree

The Gand connects the village Oberplanitzing | Kaltern with Eppan and is characterised by its very special nature. The houses are built on a pile of scree and boulders are scattered all over the area.

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Pleasure Mile

If not in Eppan, where should you go for a good time?

Pleasure Mile

If not in Eppan, where should you go for a good time?

Pleasure in Eppan

Pleasure in Eppan

Let us spoil you

Lakes & nature at Eppan

Lakes & Nature

Explore the natural landscape on the South Tyrolean Wine Road


That's how it looks in Eppan.


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