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Castles & Culture

Castle Boymont

Missian | Eppan

Boymont was built around 1235, when the Bishop of Trento allowed Heinrich von Lagestel to build a new castle on the hill of Boymont. It is believed that the name means something like ox hill. Heinrich von Lagestel was a respected ministerial in the entourage of Count Ulrich von Eppan, the landlord of Hocheppan Castle above Boymont. The size of the residential complex, which was probably built for more than one family, is striking. After the von Boymont family had already died out in the 14th century, the shares passed to the daughters and their husbands. Around 1530, the castle was destroyed, probably due to an arson attack. It was then never rebuilt. After several changes of ownership, Fritz Dellago acquired the castle in 1977. He had it restored and repaired.

Architectural style and special features:

The castle was built in the Romanesque period and also has typical stylistic features of that time. However, it is astonishing and untypical how clear the lines of the rectangular building are.

The stately complex is adorned along the ring wall with very beautiful triforiums and windows with three arches.

These round-arched windows in particular were extensively renovated in the course of the restoration. The main tower is in the north-east and there is a smaller tower in the north-west. Above the entrance is the castle chapel.


The Boymont castle ruins now house a castle tavern, which serves hot and cold traditional dishes.


Opening hours:

The Boymont Castle is open from March 23rd to November 3rd

Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm.


Day off:



Also open on public holidays

From July 8th to July 19th we are on vacation

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