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How can we help you?
How can we help you?

South Tyrolean Products

The best from Eppan

Take a look into the world of Eppan's culinary delights.

High quality and regional.

When you go shopping in South Tyrol, you are spoilt for choice. Surrounded by the best wineries, distilleries and countless quality products, South Tyrol can be called a paradise of pleasure. Enjoy our specialities and don't forget to take something home with you. A glass of Eppan wine is sure to make you reminisce about your holiday.

Fine wine

The wine from Eppan

Wine lovers

Wine has been grown in Eppan for over 2,000 years. And it does so with pride.

The area around the charming wine village has always been known for its ideal conditions for viticulture.



A sure touch

The sparkling wine from Eppan

Magical moments

Eppan is not only a wine village, but also surprises with very noble pearls in the glass. The three sparkling wine producers in Eppan score points with their flair.



The distillates from Eppan

Acquiring a noble taste

Exceptional Eppan distillates: from the best of nature and a lot of passion.

In addition to many well-known types of wine, numerous fine distillates are also produced in Eppan on the Wine Road. From impeccable fruit, distillates of the highest quality are produced, distinguished by their characteristic aroma and harmonious taste. Palate pleasures of a somewhat different kind that are worth tasting.



Crunchy and colourful

South Tyrolean apple

Apple is apple? Well, we don't think so!

Why not try one of the 16 South Tyrolean apple varieties? For example, the sweet Royal Gala, the fruity Pink Lady or a sweet and sour Rubens.

Well, are you still convinced that apples are apples?

The South Tyrolean apple tanks the energy of around 300 days of sunshine a year, rejoices in integrated cultivation, gentle harvesting, ultra-modern processing plants and the quality awareness of the fruit growers.
The crisp freshness and the high fructose content distinguish the South Tyrolean apple from other apples. This is also shown by the export figures.
12 of the South Tyrolean apple varieties can be found in the orchards of the Überetsch. Alternating with vineyards, the manageable plantations of the approximately 700 members of the Überetsch fruit farm and the Sacra fruit cooperative stretch up the gentle slopes.

The heart of South Tyrol

South Tyrolean bacon

On the value of origin

Spicy, hearty, intense in flavour and lightly salted - only when the best, lean pork shanks from the region are cold-smoked does it come into being, the genuine South Tyrolean bacon that stands out for its special mildness and balance.

This local speciality is still produced today, as it was a hundred years ago, with selected high-quality raw materials from South Tyrol, the traditional cold-smoking process and under strict quality control.
For a special taste experience on holiday or at home: South Tyrolean bacon.

You can find homemade bacon in the butcher's shops as well as in the various delicacies shops in Eppan.

What's going on in Eppan right now?
30 Sept


South Tyrolean quality and creativity in Eppan  |  St. Michael | Eppan

Jewellery, sewing, ceramics, drawings, wooden handicrafts, herbal products, locally made food and all kinds of treasures are ready for you.

A "magician of the piano"
04 Mar

A "magician of the piano"

Culture Hall Eppan

Pianist Arcadi Volodos in the Eppan Cultural Hall

Fascinating young virtuosity
18 Mar

Fascinating young virtuosity

Ansitz Zinnenberg

The Julian Kainrath Trio performs at Ansitz Zinnenberg on March 18

Eppan Easter Fest
30 Mar

Eppan Easter Fest

St. Michael | Eppan

A party for the whole family: experience an unforgettable Easter celebration full of joy, fun and spring magic together with your loved ones.

Day of the wine
20 Apr

Day of wine

Winery St. Michael | Eppan

The Eppan Wine Club, together with Eppan Wein and the Eppan Tourist Association, invites you to the St. Michael | Eppan winery and to taste around 150 wines from Eppan winegrowers