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How can we help you?
How can we help you?

Top 5 hiking tours

Experience Eppan by foot

Idyllic walks, challenging tours and comfortable family hikes

Top hiking trails in Eppan

Ice holes

Winter in the middle of summer?

Ice holes are a very popular destination. It is quite cold in the 200-metre-long and 50-metre-wide cave at the foot of the Gandberg. The reason? Physics!

Warm air flows through the crack system in the porphyry blocks and is cooled in the process. At the bottom of the basin, the cold air escapes and turns the cavity into the famous ice holes. This is explained by the physical principle of the wind tube. Even high mountain plants, which otherwise grow at an altitude of 1,200 metres, feel at home in the ice holes. Discover the 600 different plant species and enjoy the coolness on chilly days.



Hiking trail

Top hiking trails in Eppan

Three castles hike

In the traces of time

Eppan on the South Tyrolean Wine Road has a lot to offer culturally. It is therefore no coincidence that the municipality is known as the area with the most castles in South Tyrol. Curious visitors can discover three of them on the Three Castles Hike: Schloss Hotel Korb, Hocheppan Castle and Boymont Castle.

Hiking trail

Top hiking trails in Eppan

Eppan high trail

With breathtaking views of the valley

The adventurous Eppan high trail is located below the Mendel crest. The tour leads through forests and offers a wonderful view over Bozen, the South Tyrolean lowlands and all the way to the Dolomites. The best starting point for the tour is Gasthof Steinegger, where parking is also available. A varied hike for nature lovers. This day hike is highly recommended from spring to late autumn.

Hiking trail

Top hiking trails in Eppan

Montiggl lakes

Relaxing forest walk

The cosy forest idyll around the small and large Montiggl lakes offers a variety of hiking trails. The forest with its lakes is one of the most important natural monuments in Italy. A hiking trail leads around Lake Montiggl, along the course of which you can always find cosy places to cool off or relax. A wooden footbridge has been created through the reed belt, where the wildlife of the biotope can be observed undisturbed.

To the walking route

Top hiking trails in Eppan

From the Spring Valley to Lake Kaltern

Hike full of blossoms

A phenomenon that attracts visitors from all over South Tyrol takes place in the spring valley between the two Montiggl lakes and Lake Kaltern: yellow primroses, white mullein, violet liverworts, blue crocuses and primroses reach for the sky - a colourful natural carpet of blossoms delights the mind after the harsh winter days. In the middle of it all, the tranquil rivulet of the Angelbach meanders southwards. The walk is best enjoyed between mid-February and the end of March.

Hiking trail
What is going on in Eppan?
Die letzte Traubenfuhre in Girlan
07 Oct

The last load of grapes in Girlan

Girlan | Eppan

To celebrate the end of the harvest, the last grapes of this season are traditionally brought to the village centre, pressed and savoured under the supervision of the historic vineyard keeper.

Chestnut aperitiv
14 Oct

Chestnut aperitif

Centre St. Michael | Eppan

Chestnut aperitif invites you to enjoy freshly roasted chestnuts, wine presentations from Eppan, live music by "3 Guat & 2 Schianere" and an exciting children's programme.

23 Sept


Rathausplatz St. Michael | Eppan

There is almost nothing that is not here and from 7 am you have the opportunity to browse beautiful curiosities and discover many a valuable items.

Törggelefest of the ASV Eppan Ski

Törggelefest of the ASV Eppan Ski

Festival square St. Michael | Eppan

Home-made Törggele specialities such as pumpkin soup, Schlutzkrapfen, spinach and pressed dumplings, home-made sausage,

Surfleisch, Rippelen with dumplings and cabbage, Krapfen, Strauben and chestnuts will be served.

Exhibition long exposure
22 Sept

Exhibition long exposure

Lanserhaus Eppan

The FotoClub Eppan cordially invites you to the new exhibition "Long exposure", a fascinating technique that allows amazing photographic results, at the Lanserhaus Eppan at 8 pm.

from 20 Oct

WineSounds on the Alto Adige Wine Road

Alto Adige Wine Road

Several prestigious concerts, combined with the excellent wines of this territory, will be held in the ancient walls

of the towns that unfold on one of Europe's most beautiful wine routes.

from 01 June


Hocheppan castle

June 1, 2023 marks the 750th anniversary of the death of Egno of Eppan (1273).

from 07 Oct


big Lake Montiggl

A fitness obstacle course with two distances and levels of difficulty for everyone at Lake Montiggl.