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How can we help you?
How can we help you?

Golf pleasures in Eppan

The pleasure of the game

You get the most fabulous views when you play golf in Eppan and its surrounding area. Golfing here is also a pleasure for the eyes.

Before exquisite natural backdrops it is easy to respond to every challenge on the golf course.


Courses with striking arguments

As individual as the golf courses in South Tyrol are, they will all inspire you.

The most beautiful days of the year are meant to be enjoyed, and for true golf lovers this is only possible if their favourite sport is not neglected. Fortunately, there are numerous golf courses in and around Eppan that are definitely worth playing. Against the wonderful panoramic backdrop, you can easily improve your handicap.

Golf Club Eppan "The Blue Monster"

Heavenly green created by Thomas C. Himmel

A special attraction from Summer 2015 is the holiday El Dorado Eppan with its new golf course, built according to the most modern planning principles and the best location.


‘The Blue Monster‘, the 9 hole golf course offers a range of special features. Its impressive club house with cocktail bar will undoubtedly turn into a special meeting point. During the planning process, the client and architect team wanted to create a symbiosis between people and nature. The result is that golfers will find themselves in a beautiful water landscape, with a well-being effect which simply emphasises this gentle and nature-near sport. The golf course can easily be reached within a few minutes by car from the village centres of various Eppan suburbs, as well as from the centre of the City of Bozen and the motorway exit Bozen Sud.

Proprietor is Alexander Gostner, entrepreneur, a passionate golfer himself, and also owner of training grounds at Castle Freudenstein, plus another golf course at the Karer Pass.


Unterrainerstraße 74
39057 Eppan on the Wine Road
Bozen (IT)

Tel.: +39 0471 1888164
Mob.: +39 366 4648302

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Golf Club Castle Freudenstein

The Golf Club Castle Freudenstein is situated on a hill above Eppan, belongs to the impressive estate Castle Freudenstein and has excellent as well as state-of-the-art training facilities for beginners and professionals, in South Tyrol. In a magnificent panoramic location above Eppan, surrounded by picturesque vineyards, the Golf Club Castle Freudenstein, which can be described as a golf practice facility with integrated golf academy, was opened in spring 2009. The spacious driving range with a pitching area, a putting green and four practice holes, combined with the many years of experience of a specialised head pro, offer the perfect conditions for a successful entrance into the sport of golf. The Golf Club Castle Freudenstein Eppan offers a varied course and training programme that helps even advanced golfers to perfect their technique at the highest level. The innovative Golf Academy Castle Freudenstein is thus the new training centre for everyone - whether beginner or professional.


Matschatscherweg 6
39057 Eppan on the Wine Road
Bozen (IT)

Tel.: +39 0471 1888164
Mob.: +39 366 4648302

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Golf Club Carezza "The Mountain Beast"

Golfpleasure at the spectacular “Mountain Beast”

Welcome, to the oldest and one of the most persistent as well as technically demanding golf courses in South Tyrol. The designation as "The Mountain Beast" does not come by chance, because during a golf game at the Golf Club Carezza, at the Karer Pass, in South Tyrol, up to 400 meters of altitude are overcome. The Golf Club is located just 43 km away from Eppan. At an altitude of 1,580 m, the Carezza Golf Club impresses with both a 9-hole course and a fascinating view of the Rosengarten and the Croda Rossa. The 45-hectare area of the Golf Club Carezza, where an average of 18 holes are played on 60 hectares, makes many a golfer's heart beat faster. Already the high Nobility of Europe knew about the beauty of the golf course at the Karerpass and they already came to South Tyrol around 1905 to indulge in the beloved game of golf. The Golf Club Carezza has now been in existence for 24 years and the golf course still belongs to one of the jewels of South Tyrol. The view from the Golf Club Carezza, of the fascinating mountain scenery of the Dolomites, is rewarding, especially when you swing the golf club in the direction of the Rosengarten in the slowly setting evening sun. In the Carezza Golf Club numerous golf tournaments take place every year, the most famous of which is the Alpine Iron Man, one of the toughest golf tournaments in the region, with a playing time of around twelve hours, which expects a lot of stamina and endurance from the participants. A trip to the Carezza Golf Club promises you hours of pure golfing pleasure, a breathtaking view and unforgettable memories.


Karerseestraße 171
39056 Welschnofen
Bozen (IT)

Tel.: +39 0471 1888167
Mob.:  +39 366 4648302

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Golf Club Lana

9-hole course with mildly undulated grounds for a comfortable game, suitable for players in every age and experience range. The relatively long course (2793 Meters – PAR 35) provides a good and fair test of both lengths and precision.


Besides the masterly designed and accessible golf-course, other special features of Golf Club Lana, situated below the ruins of the “Brandis” castle, include a stunning panoramic view on the vast Etsch valley on one hand and the close proximity to orchards on the other, granting a direct immersion in the genuine character of this land and its inhabitants. Equally attractive is the exceptionally long season, here, where a Mediterranean climate reigns within the Alps’ bosom.

Our location doesn’t just stand out for its geographic and climatic virtues. Still at Bozen Airport or on the motorway half an hour before, you’ll find yourself already swinging in a refreshing natural context amongst Lana’s orchards.


Brandisweg 13,

I-39011 Lana (BZ)
T +39 0473 564696


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Dolomiti Golf Club

The golf course is located near the town of Sarnonico, in the “Alta Val di Non“. The Dolomiti Golf Club golf course is considered one of the most difficult 18-hole courses in the Dolomiti Mountains. It is also considered an extremely beautiful setting encircled by the incomparable majesty of the Dolomiti and the Ilmenkamm.


Each hole is framed by an alpine view of rare beauty. The holes 1 through 9 wind through a pleasant pine wood with a background of the group of snow covered mountain peaks of the “Brenta“. The remaining nine holes provides a panorama of alpine villages. On the 12th hole you can view Cavareno, the 13th Sarnonico, the 14th Fondo, the 16th the impressive church bell tower of Seio di Sarnonico. In the background can be seen the Palade pass creating an elegant scenic effect. The golf course is spectacular and stimulating with wide well-maintained fairways. The greens are will designed and surrounded by deep and difficult bunkers as well as mirror like water hazards. The course is technical and challenging for every level of golfer, to include the most exacting. The course covers an area of 55 hectares, which incorporates the 18-hole course, a four-hole executive course, driving range, putting, pitching and chipping green.


Loc. Centro Sport Verde, 1
38010 Sarnonico TN

+39 0463 832698


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