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How can we help you?

Pool at the large lake of Montiggl

Montiggl | Eppan

Relaxation and fun for young and old


The public swimming pool is located at the large lake of Montiggl in the middle of the nature reserve forest Montiggl - Mitterberg in Eppan on the Wine Road. Here you can experience a lot of fun and action. The huge lawn, heated swimming pool, pool bar and restaurant serving Italian and South Tyrolean specialties, as well as boatl (rowing boats) and stand up paddle rental make a stay at the large lake Montiggl a relaxing , exciting and enjoyable pastime.


The lakes in Montiggl have been recently re-awarded with the highest distinction of the Italian National Nature Conservation, the so-called "5 VELE" for the very good water quality. That's why you jump here like spontaneously into the refreshing water.

Summer, sun, Lido time

Dive into the cool waters of the large Montiggl lake or prefer a heated swimming pool? Both are possible at the Lido Montiggl - and not only water rats get their money's worth.


What makes the Montiggl Lido so special? "Its location in the midst of nature directly on the lake," comments Hanspeter Mair. As the leaseholder of the well-kept facility, he knows why the swimming-loving guests come to him.


Direct access to the lake

On the one hand, the large Montiggl lake is a popular attraction in summer. With its 17.8 hectares of water and a maximum depth of 11.5 metres, it is the larger of the two bathing lakes located in the middle of the mixed forest, which receive awards every year for their top water quality.

The wooden footbridge leading out onto the lake is particularly attractive. A jetty ensures that sun worshippers also get enough to drink, and a diving tower invites the brave to dive into the cool water with a special flourish.


Would you like a boat or a stand-up paddle?

If you want to enjoy the lake in all its glory and far away from the bathers, you can pick up a pedalo from the boat hire and head for other shores. Those who like it sportier and closer to the water can grab a stand-up paddle and glide gently with the swell across the moss-green lake. "This is becoming more and more popular," Mair knows. Especially because all you need is a life jacket and no previous experience.


Swimming pools for everyone

Then there are the swimming pools for those who prefer to do their rounds "on land": the 33-metre-long sports pool, the children's pool with slide, the baby pool. All around, there is a spacious sunbathing area, which the owner sometimes takes care of himself. "I get up at 6 a.m. and mow the lawn. That relaxes me," says company boss Mair, who sees the Lido business as his hobby.

The opening is around 20 May and then daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., in July and August from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.. Until the end of September. The Lido also has its own shop, "where you can buy all the bathing utensils," says Mair. Sunbeds and parasols can also be rented there.


For big and small appetites

And because swimming, splashing around and even sunbathing can make you hungry at some point, the restaurant, including a pizzeria, offers guests substantial portions of typical local dishes. The restaurant is even open during the bathing season from April to the end of October and is accessible independently of the Lido.

From the terrace you can enjoy the view of the large Montiggl lake. "The Lido is simply beautifully situated," Mair is convinced and also likes to use the evening at the lake to "switch off after office work, do handicrafts and simply relax."

Opening times for the season 2023:

Swimming pool area open until 10th September
Daily from 10am - 6pm

Admission prices:
Day ticket
adults € 8.50
Children under 15 and seniors over 65 € 4.00

Children under 4 years free

Afternoon from 03.00 p.m.
Adults € 6,00
Children under 15 and seniors over 65 € 3,00

Ticket for 6
Adults € 43,00
Children under 15 and seniors over 65 € 20,00

2 hour ticket until 1 pm
Adults € 4,50
Children under 15 and seniors over 65 € 2,50

Evening ticket from 06:00 p.m. € 2,50

Season ticket
Adults € 165,00
Children under 15 and seniors over 65 € 90,00

For further information please call the following numbers: Lido +39 392 3062757
Restaurant +39 0471 664155

In order to avoid parking problems, in the summer time a bus goes to Montiggl and back.


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