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How can we help you?
How can we help you?

The Montiggl Lakes

Montiggl | Eppan


The two Montiggl Lakes are set in dense forest and have a magical attraction for locals and holidaymakers alike at all times of the year, thanks to the tried and tested combination of unspoilt nature and suitably adapted infrastructure.



The two Montiggl Lakes sparkle like two bright sapphires amidst the dark green forests. A bird’s-eye view provides just a glimpse of the unique leisure area surrounding the two lakes.


While from May to September swimming and sunbathing are the order of the day, in autumn and winter nature takes a break, allowing walkers to enjoy peace and quiet.


The large Montiggl Lake attracts visitors with its public swimming pool "Lido Montiggl", the longest water slide in South Tyrol, a diving tower, a very large sunbathing lawn and all-round catering for young and old.


The small Montiggl Lake, only a few minutes' walk to the north-east, scores with a little more cosiness and tranquillity. Both lakes can be swum across, crossed by boat or circumnavigated on foot or by bike.




As a sensitive ecosystem, the Montiggl area requires special protection to ensure that rare animal and plant species can survive and that the unspoilt natural landscape can also be enjoyed by future generations.


The local authority in Eppan takes this responsibility seriously and has introduced a range of measures for this purpose, including mobility management, a network of footpaths and nature trails and a series of information panels.


It is thus no surprise that the area has for the seventh consecutive time received the “5 Vele” (“5 Sails”) award from the Lega Ambiente and Touring Club Italia organisations – a mark of bathing water quality and of sustainable tourism in Italy.


This tourist “Oscar” takes account not only of the excellent quality of the water in the two Montiggl Lakes but also of tourism factors such as the quality of accommodation, the historic village centres, the offering in terms of gastronomy, scenery and tourism throughout the municipal area and its artistic and historical attractions. It recognises the steps that have been taken to protect the environment and acts as a challenge to maintain this unique habitat.


Big Montiggl Lake

The big Montiggl Lake is located in the middle of the nature reserve Montiggl with its stunning mixed forest in the community of Eppan on 492 meters above sea level. It can be reached by car or by the numerous walking paths nearby.

The big Montiggl Lake has a shoreline of 2 kilometres and its surface is around 18 hectares wide. At its deepest spot it has a depth of 11.5 meters. In the north-east it is surrounded by rock, whereat the opposite site it changes to a swamp.

According to analyses the lake has very good data regarding the water quality and is therefore one of South Tyrols most popular swimming lake. In the west of the lake there are hotels, restaurants and a swimming pool with a pier located.

Walking and mountain bike tours:
Around big Montiggl Lake there is a walking path, along which you can find nice and cosy spots to relax or swim. For pedestrians and bikers there has been constructed a wooden bridge through the reeds, where the animals of the biotope can be perfectly observed. Nearby the “Seacastle” is located and rises thorough the reeds like a fairy-tale castle.

To avoid car park problems, there is a public bus to Montiggl and back in the summertime.

Little Montiggl Lake

Imbedded between forest and hills scenery on 514 meters above sea level, small Montiggl Lake is located. A lot of different walking paths bring you to the lake. With the car you can park at the big Montiggl Lake or at the supercenter Rungg.

The small Montiggl Lake has a shoreline of 890 mters and is only about 5 hectares big. Therefore it is a lot smaller then its “bigger brother”, but a lot deeper with a maximum depth of almost 15 meters.

According to analyses the lake has very good data regarding the water quality and is therefore one of South Tyroles most popular swimming lake. It is not directly accessible by car, therefore it more known for its relaxation and for enjoying the nature. One part of the lake has a grassed area and a small snack bar. Around small Montiggl Lake there is a walking path, along which you can find nice and cosy spots to relax or swim.

To avoid car park problems, there is a public bus to Montiggl and back in the summertime.

“Seeschlössl” of Montiggl

The fairytale-like “Seeschlössl” is situated on the idyllic shores of the large lake of Montiggl. The Schlössl was built around 1888 by Josef von Zastrow, a guest from Germany who also owned Aichberg Castle and both Montiggl Lakes. The medieval style of the Schlössl fits the landscape around the lake like a glove.

15 years after the construction of the Schlössl, the entire property became the property of the municipality of Eppan.

The Schlössl is very well known for the many paintings that the artist Max Sparer (1886 - 1968) painted there. He presented his paintings at international art exhibitions in Budapest and the Venice Biennale. The artist retired to the Schlössl in 1931 and died there impoverished in 1968. The enchanting building can only be visited from the outside.

Hike around the lakes of Montiggl

Pure relaxation with a hike around the lakes of Montiggl, in the middle of the nature reserve.

Route description:

From the car park, we walk along the narrow asphalt ribbon (not the main road) down to the right to the hamlet of Montiggl. We cross the group of houses and continue straight on. At the next crossroads, keep to the right and before the start of the climb (behind a game grill), turn left onto a clearly recognisable path. Cross the path to the forest road on the southern shore of the lake. Turn right and walk around the large Montiggl Lake to its northern end. Turn right again here and continue along a path to the small Montiggl Lake (signposted). Counter-clockwise around the Small Lake and up to an asphalted road (closed road). Only 100 metres to the south, then turn right and return to the car park via the signposted forest path (or also via the asphalt ribbon to the Great Lake and behind the barrier steeply up to the right to the car park).

Starting point:
car park at the large Montiggl lake
Walking time:
approx. 1.5 hours
Highest point:
approx. 545 metres
Difference in altitude:
approx. 100 metres
Best season:
From April to November
Level of difficulty:

Explore Eppan

Active holiday in Eppan

Enjoy Eppan while biking, hiking and golfing...

Explore Eppan

Active holiday in Eppan

Enjoy Eppan while biking, hiking and golfing...

Biking in Eppan


over stick and stone.

Hiking in Eppan


while enjoying the natural landscape.

Music Nights
from 07 June

Music nights


The evening concerts are very popular with guests and locals.

Voltage & Rebellion
21 June

Voltage & Rebellion

Youth and cultural center Jump, St. Michael | Eppan

The event will occupy the entire Jump area and promises a unique experience for all music lovers.

Gschleier Wine tasting
22 June

Gschleier Wine tasting

Cornaiano Natural and Wine Trail

The warm summer night promises carefree hours and gives visitors the opportunity to learn lots of interesting facts about the world of wine.

from 18 July


Wine and cultural delights in Eppan  |  St. Pauls | Eppan

In the idyllic alleys of the wine village, everything revolves around the noble drop and the series of events delights wine connoisseurs, culture lovers and pampered palates.

Michelangeli Concert of the Piano Academy Eppan
31 Oct

Michelangeli Concert of the Piano Academy Eppan

Kultursaal Eppan

This year, the Michelangeli Prize, endowed with 5,000 euros, will once again be awarded by the public and provided by the municipality of Eppan.