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How can we help you?

Alternative cabaret for women and men

Ingrid Lechner: Geaht's no?!

So, the time has come: 50 years old and it's over, it's over, there's nothing more to come. They say I've reached my sell-by date: heart palpitations, sweating and the sex is ... Wait, we should talk about that! There's a lot going through your mind: do I have to write a memoir now, or should I perhaps write my will? Does the shy deer look still work, or do I finally say out loud what I don't care about? Can I spit around like a footballer when needed or should I rather cough discreetly into the corner? And wait, the men: are they going into their next decade without a crisis? Questions upon questions and I've already forgotten the first ones on the list. Is this the wisdom of old age?

Ingrid Lechner navigates us through the turbulence of the menopause in her new solo program. On the hunt for answers, she leads us towards liberated chaos and absolute certainty: change is coming - for everyone!


Tue., 28.05.2024

20:00 o'clock