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Tourism in Eppan in focus

What does tourism bring? Prosperity and added value for all industries? Or traffic jams and selling out of the homeland? Are we suffering from overtourism and what kind of tourism does South Tyrol need? These questions were explored at the recent panel discussion moderated by Verena Pliger as part of the event series "150 Years of Tourism in Eppan".

Dominik Prantl, travel journalist for the Süddeutsche Zeitung, gave a keynote speech asking whether the guest in South Tyrol is more than a shaken bread and whether he is still valued. He himself perceives that South Tyrol is well and gladly consumed as a "snack in between": In on Thursday, home on Sunday. He also does this himself from time to time and notes with praise that he has never felt like just a number in the process, but still as a gladly seen and valued person. In South Tyrol, hospitality, personal relationships and humanity still "rule". Hans Heiss, historian, retired member of the provincial parliament and hotelier's son, emphasizes that although tourism is the engine of the economy, the backbone and guarantee for about one fifth of the gross domestic product, at the same time it has many a negative impact. "We are at a fork in the road and must decide where we want to go," he appeals. Strategy and tourism expert Greti Ladurner is of the opinion: "We need a closing of ranks, an open discussion of all sectors and a common big goal for South Tyrol."

Eppan is in a far better position than other places, in her opinion: "Here, what is there has always been used: castles, wine, lakes. Fortunately, the development of the landscape is limited." "Tourism is good when guests and locals are happy. Economic upswing does not always have to be equated with growth," clarifies Andreas Richter, a film producer with a second home in Eppan. He feels comfortable in Eppan and South Tyrol and never has the feeling of not being welcome. Everyone agrees that the lack of employees in tourism and energy prices will be the biggest challenges in the near future and at the same time the brake on growth. This gives the players the opportunity to reorient themselves.

The summary of the evening: Eppan is better off than other places, has preserved its beauties and avoided "overtourism". In any case, cross-sectoral reflection and sustainable action is also advisable in the future

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