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KulturKontakt Eppan

Piano legend in Eppan

András Schiff performs at Freudenstein Castle on January 13, 2024

When a world star like Sir András Schiff is a guest of KulturKontakt Eppan for the third time, it is cause for joy and pride. What's more, it is proof of the friendly relationship that has developed between the pianist and Eppan. Guido Gorna, the artistic director of KKE, says: "I have been working with Sir András Schiff for over 20 years. It is a fulfilling and inspiring task to accompany this exceptional artist and man in his work at ECM, which is not only discographic," says Gorna. "It is a great, great honor to welcome him back to Eppan."

András Schiff began playing the piano at the age of five and started studying at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in his native Budapest at the age of 14. Schiff is celebrated on all major stages worldwide and performs with all renowned conductors and orchestras. His recordings, which are considered reference recordings worldwide, have been released by the renowned ECM Records label for almost 25 years.


Due to his criticism of the Orbán government, András Schiff is persona non grata in his home country of Hungary. In 2011, he announced in a resolution with other artists that he would no longer be giving concerts in Hungary. But he misses his homeland, Schiff admits, the older he gets, the more he misses it.


András Schiff, who will celebrate his 70th birthday in December 2023, will not reveal the evening's program until his performance. But we already know one thing: a grand piano from 1859 by Julius Blüthner will once again be delivered, allowing for an unprecedented variety of soft and colorful sounds that are unheard of on modern grand pianos.

When: January 13, 2024, 8:00 pm

Where: Freudenstein Castle Eppan

Shuttle service with departure from 19:15 from the Tetter parking lot (behind the bus stop)


Advance ticket sales:
Tel. 0471 053 800