Appiano has lots to offer for people on the move

For people, who like to spend their holiday practising a sport, Appiano on the Wine Route is a favourite destination.

On a holiday in sun-drenched Appiano on the Wine Route you will certainly not be bored. Here amid the splendour of Nature you are bound to find plenty of entertaining leisure activities, which will be fun for everyone. This means that every single day of your holiday conceals unforgettable experiences, about which you can regale your friends and colleagues when you return to your everyday routine. What's the betting that your friends will then also want to come to Appiano on the Wine Route?

Beach volley

Beach volley is a popular sport with beach feeling. In Eppan you can find several places for playing.
In the sport zone Rungg there is a site with to beach volleyball fields.
Directly next to the Big Lake Montiggl, you find the Hotel Moser, which own a beach volley site as well.
This trend sport you can play on the fields of Hotel Weinegg or ...



The countryside around Überetsch offers many possibilities for climbing. If some of your equipment is missing, or you don’t have any yet, just visit the specialist shops in Eppan. For those not experienced enough, there is always the climbing hall in St Michael | Eppan.



Pike, perch, tench and carp, as well as many more species are waiting for you in the waters around Eppan. Fishing means fresh air, forget about the daily life – only pure relaxation.

Even in the year 2020, due to the still threatening danger of introducing the Koi herpes virus, no day tickets will be sold for our waters, as well as no fish ...


Horseback Riding

The area around Eppan is ideal for riding.
Just 5 minutes drive from Eppan is the riding stables Überetsch, a real insider tip in the forest of Montiggl. A must for all riding fans.



What more can a cyclist wish for than the feeling the wind around his nose? In Eppan, you will come across the most beautiful bends, passes and dream roads. In addition, there are fairy-tale landscapes, culinary delights, Tyrolean tradition and cultural savoir-vivre.


Nordic Walking

With a lot of viewing points is the hilly scenery with its vineyards around Eppan an ideal spot for Nordic Walking Tours.
In its course of motion similar to cross-country skiing, walking is in combination with the Nordic Walking sticks not only good for the musculature and shape, but great to enjoy the nature around Eppan too.



Already 20 minutes jogging a day bring your metabolism back on track. ... This is also noticeable in the brain: Since it is much better supplied with oxygen, regular joggers are more alert.

Jogging Touren


Tennis is a fun way to develop speed, strength and fitness.



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