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How can we help you?

Top Hiking Tours in Eppan

Montiggl Lakes

Pure relaxation in the midst of dense forests, untouched nature and picturesque lakes.

The walk around the Montiggl Lakes is a soothing time-out for the soul.

For directions: From the car park, walk down the narrow asphalt strip (not the main road) to the right to the hamlet of Montiggl. Cross the group of houses and continue straight on. At the next crossroads, keep to the right to turn left onto a clearly recognisable path before the start of the climb (behind a game grill). Cross the path to the forest road on the southern shore of the lake. Turn right and walk around the large Montiggl lake to its northern end. Turn right again here and continue along a path to the small Montiggl lake (signposted). Counter-clockwise around the small lake and up to an asphalted road (closed road). Only 100 metres to the south, then turn right and return to the car park via the signposted forest path (or also via the asphalt ribbon to the big lake and behind the barrier steeply up to the right to the car park).

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