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How can we help you?

Top Hiking Tours in Eppan

To the Spring Valley

Magnificent spectacle of nature

In Eppan spring starts earlier than elsewhere in South Tyrol. The temperatures rise, the sun smiles with the inhabitants, the landscape turns into a sea of blossoms, and a colourful spectacle of nature begins in the Spring Valley as early as February.

Beautiful stands of alders line the moor water from the two lakes. On the sparse slopes, the fresh colours of the liverwort stand out in contrast to the scrawny chestnut leaves on the ground; along with thousands of primroses. Violets and the purple to red corollas of the lungwort appear in the hedges. In the area of the forest garden, you can flush out the green lizard as early as March in sunny weather. A valley that rightly deserves its name.

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